Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson

Immovesta Trier Dolphins did it again, this time they made
history by beating Skywheelers in Frankfurt for the first
time in ten years. The team had back to back wins in their
past three encounters, 85:93 (47:47) against SV Reha
Augsburg, 78:75 (39:47) against Roller Bulls and 66:78
(33:39) against Mainhatten Skywheelers. Two of these games
were away games and one a home game. The team is coming
together nicely now as the players had enough time to learn
each others strength and weaknesses.

Dirk Passiwan to date is still the leading scorer in the
league and is averaging 39.5 points per game after 6 games.
Janet McLachlan is averaging 20.6 points per game and is
the number 3 lead scorer in the league to date. The player
of the moment on the last encounter was Christopher
Robinson, a low-pointer, which made 13 points in the
Dolphins victory. This indeed was his best game seen so
far in the Dolphins uniform. He has always had a great
game, but the victory in Frankfurt was outstanding so far.
The game was relatively aggresive as Skywheelers didn't
give Dolphins an easy run to take the game, but the
Dolphins stood together and they conquered together. Gift
Mooketsi was part of this exciting history as he also
contributed to the teams victory with his specific play.

This coming weekend Dolphins will be facing ASV Bonn in a
home game for Dolphins. This will be another challenge and
the Dolphins, without a doubt will have to stand their
ground, currently 4th in the league with 8 points and ASV
Bonn currently 3rd with 10 points. They hope to have a
fully packed stadium on that day during their contest for the 3rd position. Watch this space for more info on
the weekends happenings.



By: Allen Mtatase




Mongoose in new environment – Bundesliga has started!

We are glad to announce that our two players arrived safely in Trier, Germany, where they are playing for Immovesta Trier Dolphins for this season. Gift Mooketsi is used to the
atmosphere there, as this is his second season with Dolphins. Allen Mtatase’s experience is different, as this is his first season with the team and his first time outside the borders of Africa. They are not the only players from outside Germany, as they are joining Chris Robinson (USA), Tara Feser and Janet McLachlan, both from Canada, who add to the German stem players.

Our two South Africans have been there for three weeks now and they have already fallen into the program of Dolphins. They'll be taught German and they already played two league games with the team. Game one was and is a memorable game for them as they started the season on a high note, by winning over Jena 94-54. Their second game was against a tougher opponent, a team that was in the top four of last year’s season standings, USC München. München started the game much better than Dolphins, which assisted them in an early lead in the game. There was a tough fight with changing leads in the second half of the game, but the final score was a well earned victory of München vs Dolphins 73 - 70. Coach Passiwan commented, that the finishing and the nervousness of the team were the most vulnerable points to improve for the coming games.

Both the South African's had game time and contributed towards the team, scoring, assists, steals and rebounds offensive as well as defensive.

This coming weekend the Dolphins team, will play a cup game and our players along with their team mates will take the coming games on a much serious and stronger attitude. They will be missing out on one of their Canadian international players, Janet McLachlan as she won't be at this weekend’s games. A strong team thou, will have to see what they are hiding in their bags. Dolphins will have to be much spot-on on their shooting this coming weekend, because their shooting let them down. As for the South Africans Gift Mooketsi and his counter-part Allen Mtatase, are fitting into the team nicely. We know that they will hold the South African flag high.
By: Allen Mtatase


Dolphins are pulling up their socks...


Since the arrival of the first 3 players from overseas, who join the Immovesta Dolphins Trier remarkable strides have been made. Janet McLaren (CAN), Chris Robinson ( USA) and Tara Feser (CAN) have started training with the teams and first test games have been played. Dolphins proved their class when winning against Luxembourg 111: 35 - while trying out a lot of combinations, moves and strategies. Every player has been on the field and got some exposure to the new team experience. Coach Dirk Passiwan and Manager Otmar Passiwan were more than satisfied and look forward to the Bundesliga season filled with new hopes, still waiting for our Mongoose players to join their squad and blend in. Allen as a low pointer will have to prove his point and convice through his cleverness, while Gift will bring speed and unbendable team spirit -as we all know him. Now, with Gift's visum we are still put on hold and need to pray hard that God opens the relevant ears and minds to grant his application.

At the same time the 3 guest players are already engaging in their German lessons: another point our Mongoose have to catch up with. But : KEIN PROBLEM - das schaffen wir schon, says Gift and also Allen tries to blend in some German from time to time when talking to me.

Dolphins has please to hold thumbs for our relegation tournament for the Super Sports Series 2011. The qualifier tournament is held  1.-3. October 2010, as we are hungry to go higher! Though poor we believe we have the human component, which is most important for the sport. So lets make it happen! After the games Allen and Gift, so God will, will be brought to the airport by the team and put on the flight!!!


Greetings to the Dolphins from Mongoose! If you want to write on this page, please send your article to : amtatase@ananzi.co.za - This is a shout especially to Janet, Chris and Tara!


All the best for the season from South Africa to Germany. Dolphins Halala!

By: Mmatumelo Rauter 

Janet, Chris and Tara
Janet, Chris and Tara