GBT Mongoose qualified for Super Sport Series 2011! - A force to reckon with...
We are in! Was the SMS message, making round during the night of the 9th November- this was when the manager read the news in the minutes of a WBSA board meeting. According to a board decision of WBSA ( Wheelchair Basketball South Africa) during a meeting held on the 06.11. 2010 the Super Sports Series 2011 will be extended by 2 Teams to make 10 teams in total. that means two new teams, namely Buffaloes from KZN and GBT Mongoose from North West are to join the Series. They were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively during the Relegation tournament played the first weekend of October 2010.
This was a dream cherished and worked for over many years for our team. Our first contest failed narrowly by one point loss against the relegation DHL Flyers in 2009, but in the end hard work and the move of the board made it happen.
"Work begins NOW- we are not waiting for anybody", says the manager Mmatumelo Rauter. Having stated that, the male Mongoose and some others gather for a camp during this weekend at Gelukspan, while the Ladies are a attending a National Selection Camp in Pretoria.
Basically the team has to work on its identified weaknesses, of which some are caused by the spread of Team members over a huge distance. Lack of coherence in the team play and fitness of some individual members were the two major points, which showed during the relegation games, on which the team is now prepared to work hard. 2 of their top players being in Germany, there is hope for  a good brush up there. One knows that their participation in the Bundesliga for Trier Dolphins is beneficial on the one hand ( weapons sharpened in the fire of German Bundesliga) - on the other hand we are short of them during the preparation phase for the series to train certain things. However, we are really excited and hope for a good season. We carefully say: we are up for a tough competition, to prove a point and make people aware about our team vision in action. We will not be gun food, that is for sure!
And a call-out to all our fans and friends:
We really need sponsors and supporters to carry us through!
On this space we want to thank the initiative of Family Hoch/Haller and their friends (Sonja & company) and all others, who were involved in the 72 hours Benefiz-sport event in Liestal/Switzerland. During this event 33 young people and their supporting adults organized a soccer tournament, which was raising funds in many ways. Sales, tombola, registration fees and other activities were supported by local business and private persons, so that in the end a generous donation could be made to the GBT Mongoose. We thank all who participated and thus gave us a start into the new season, and for Mongoose, the new Chapter: Being a Super Sports Team / Franchise Club.
All donations ( also those to come) assist our team to run our club, start the Super Sports league and participate in various activities on a more professional level. Thank you very much again and God's richest blessings!
You are welcome to contact management if you would like to have more information and support us!
Halala Mongoose, halala GBT!
By: Mmatumelo Rauter


Contest for Super Sports with pending results
The Mongoose went with raised hopes and confidence to this year's Super Sport Relegation Tournament - keeping in mind that they had prepared well during camps and individualized training sessions. Coming to the competition venue, everything was fine on arrival.
Four games were to play during the relegation, which was set as a Robin Round. The first game against Eastern Cape United ended with a clear win for Mongoose 10:19 in the first quarter gave some space, which they kept at 29:14 at half time. Consolidation and a well earned 61:27 for Mongoose were the result of the second half. Scores were shared between Mbele (5), Mtatase (13), Mooketsi (16) and Monametsi (19).
The second game aginst the relegating Team Wildcats, being the most important of the tournament, unfortunately did not go our way. After a 5 point lead for Wildcats in the first quarter, Mongoose tied with 12:12 into the second half, where unfortunately the Wildcats could manifest their lead under hard fights for another 3 more points. The last quarter Mongoose showed weakness in the finishing and so could not make their chances count. The game ended with a dissappointing score of 43:29 for the Wildcats.
Hard working Mooketsi gave 16 points, followed by Mbele (6), Ruba (4), Monametsi (2) and Mtatase (2).
Later in the evening 4 of our players were participating in the Vodacom Challenge ( Mooketsi and Mtatase having a lot of actual courttime) - We believe this was a drain to our games on the next day, as fatigue was a factor realized in Mooketsi's and Mtatase's finishing during the first game on Sunday against the Buffaloes from KZN.
After a tight start with 10:10 in the first quarter, weakness in defense and a collapse in the second quarter, which was exploited by Buffaloes( 2:18), threw Mongoose back. The gap of 16 points made it hard for the Mongoose to catch up again, though they came back to a 8:9 score balance in the third quarter and a 10:8 in the last. Sad result was 30:45 in favour of Buffaloes.
Scores shared by Mooketsi ( 10), who was as a playmaker adamant, but sometimes delayed the ball in the last seconds. Mtatase ( 8), Monametsi (7), Mbele (2) Ruba (2).
The last game was a give and take for us, ending with 62:10 for Mongoose, all our players having some court time.
Moketsi (32), Monametsi (11), Mtatase (10), Ruba (4), Bosele (3), Mbele  (2).
Looking at all of the games, one must say that not all players were evenly prepared concerning their fitness and ability to cope under the tension of the game, however, that the team also showed greatness of style and strategy in their game plans.
As there is a proposal on the WBSA table as to expand the Super Sports Series to 10 Teams there might still be a slim chance to get in together with the Buffaloes, however, our training and preparations go on.
Mongoose try together, live together and if happens so go down together. The team showed greatness and fair play as they participated in the competition. Some mistakes were done from all sides and now ours is to keep on working.
By: Mmatumelo Rauter
Gift, Portia, Thabang, Mmatumelo and Allen at OR Tambo Airport
Gift, Portia, Thabang, Mmatumelo and Allen at OR Tambo Airport



Good news and challenge of patience for GBT Mongoose


The Mongoose are a small group of tough animals, eh, sorry players, who stand up against all odds and still keep a jolly nature and unbroken faith. Although the public service strike hampered their ability to travel, commitment and will made it possible. The Mongoose family held a training camp and boosted their spirits by the good performance of each member.

Gift Mbele has been accepted at Mmabatho Palms and assumes full duty in the Hotel Casino on Monday - just making Mongoose proud of this opportunity.

Some friends organize a 72 hours sports event by youth clubs in Switzerland for the benefit of Mongoose - and our assistant manager is roaming Joburg in the quest of finding a sponsor for Mongoose.

Lets hope for the best. Next weekend are the Winterleague semis and finals and we hope to be there!


Good news are further that Allen Mtatase has received his visa and thus is on the way to join the Dolphins just after the qualifier!!!

Go Mongoose Go!

By: Mmatumelo Rauter

Move to balance the Mongoose branches

After William Ruba, alias Makwase, who lived at Gelukspan and later Mafikeng for more than a year, moved back from the North West to Gauteng due to a better work offer, we greet the fast player Gift Mbele in the home of Mongoose. He will be taking the offer of a learnership at Mmabatho Palms Hotel and Casino Resort, who have been supporting the GBT in many ways over the past years. Empowering some of our players with skills and offering market opportunities is one kind of their support, of which we are very grateful.Of course we also know that now Giftana will train on daily basis and really shape up as a Mongoose player. Welcome to the North West and good luck for the start at Mmabatho Palms!


We need to balance on the ball and just have fun sometimes, so that all the difficulties around Public Service Strike and Rural area etc are not bringing us down. Mongoose have always proven to be able to be more!


Life is an opportunity - use it!


By: Mmatumelo Rauter

Gift Mbele
Gift Mbele

Weekend report 21.08.2010:


Disappointed Mongoose had to stay at home...


Due to the public service strike the GBT Mongoose could unfortunately not participate in last weekends games, as they depend on the transport from Department of Health and Social Development. The Bloemfontein event had to happen without us. Thanks to the kind understanding of MUCCP and Harmony we will have the opportunity to play the games on the 4th of September in Welkom. Realeboga to the both teams for the gesture! We pray that the strike will be over soon and the situation normalizes.

Further we are gearing up to the preparations of the qualifyers for Super Sport Series 2011. While the strike leaves feelings of helplessness and depression behind, we still hold" Thumbs up" for the Mongoose!

By: Mmatumelo Rauter

Otshabeng Lesolle
Otshabeng Lesolle



The Winterleague stays exciting! GBT Mongoose pointing against Rolling Tigers…

The past game day of the Central Conference Winterleague, Saturday,the 14th of August, has posed a challenge to the Mongoose, which was not really prepared for, but nevertheless mastered considerably well. As our team is split into 2 branches, with players living in the North West and others in Johannesburg it is always taking some extra work to get them together prior to competition. This weekend, the time was against us and finally the Gauteng based players could not make it to join the squad, throwing the responsibility for the balance of points to the North West players. Even here in the last minute one of our rising future players withdrew, due to family reasons. So the following squad was left under the coaching of Search Morobe, who slowly but surely seems to grow into the role of being a stand-by coach on the games.

The 6 Players getting to the competitions were: Jonas Lebele, Amie Wesie, Onthusitse Monametsi, Otshabeng Lesolle, Kelebogile Moeng and Lesego Mosweu. A big motivational factor was the new playing kit, which was sent by our partners Trier Dolphins as a sign of encouragement- indeed South Africans from the Mongoose stem look beautiful in the red and white shirts!

The first game was played against Rolling Tigers, whereby the Mongoose took effort to improve their basket balance on the log sheet, holding the Newcomers in the league in their own half court. Final score was 73 vs 2.

Points scoring Onthusitse Monametsi took his chance, aswell as Otshabeng Lesolle, who was the player of the day and playmaker, followed by Kelebogile Moeng, who took a strong stand as a tough lady player, scoring and working well in defense. In both games of this day, these 3 players were providing the strategy and implementation of different approaches of defense and offense.

The second game of the GBT was against West Wits, which they lost with a difference of 2 baskets, after a tough competition. During the first half the Mongoose struggled to get into their play, but after the halftime and the coaching advice they ran up into a good form equalizing scores 12:12 and 06: 10 – Not enough to catch up with the difference. Final score was 33 vs 29 for the West Wits, who as a team has considerably improved during this season. Congratulations!

Good performance for team and coach as they could avoid much damage and still maintained the position of the GBT on the third place. With 2 games for each team to play on the last game day in Bloemfontein next Saturday, it will be interesting who goes to semi-finals against whom. As things look now, the Mongoose will have to face their Arch Rivals Vaal Reefs, who are positioned 2nd on the log. Interesting enough, Harmony the leaders of the log, were only conquered by Mongoose so far!!

The league stays exciting, so watch this space!

By: Mmatumelo Rauter

Otmar and Undine
Otmar and Undine



GBT Mongoose and Trier Dolphins making friends and plans…

Trier, Germany. During her stay in Germany attending the official opening of a new house of the Community Koinonia in Germerode, I, Mmatumelo, could not hide my curiosity and went to Trier with her friend Ulrike Schoell for a week of holidays. The stay was not only relaxing with the time one only has being on leave, following the old roots of the Romans in Germany, but it also included meetings with the manager of Trier Dolphins, Otmar Passiwan and his wife Hilde. We enjoyed company, common views, and parts of our respective history and of course a good braai. German steaks and South African Chakalaka… Amongst our plans was to discuss the continuous support we envisage for one another as two teams in very similar positions: our financial situation is not comparable to big teams, but we both feel to have the human component and competence to participate in the most beautiful game we know.

Of course, there is a gap between Germany and South Africa, Dolphins and Mongoose, but the common experience drives us closely together. We hope that this coming season, Gift Mooketsi will play his second season with Dolphins, and Allen Mtatase will join him on the trip and season. They are not the only international players there, but this year, it seems, Dolphins will come up with the most international team, they ever dreamt of. I guess, Dolphins will have greater Chances. 5 players from their home stem: Score-machine Dirk Passiwan, development talent Florian Ewertz, Eddie Klein, Peter Müller, Martin Koltes and 5 international players, who all have a very high international reputation: Besides Gift and Allen they expect Tara Feser, the Canadian Lady´s Captain and Janet Mc Lachan, also from Canada will be part of the team. Further Chris Robinson, another person of colour from USA, who impresses by his spirit and speed. Now let´s wait for the party! 

By: Mmatumelo Rauter

Kelebogile Moeng
Kelebogile Moeng